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Lifestyle sessions are very limited- Since weddings season is upon us, there are few session dates left for 2016, but I would absolutely love to try to get you in! Email me and hopefully we can work something out!

Weddings are currently booking into 2017 & 2018 with a few November and December dates left in 2016. I want to hear about you and your wedding day- shoot me a message and tell me a little bit about your plans and we can go from there! Can't wait to hear from you!

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My name is Bri and I am in love with creating and building relationships that last a lifetime. I am a big believer of always trying to be present in the moment. 

*If I could live off of wine, cheese, and bread I would. 
* I am slightly obsessed with anything antique or vintage- 
you can usually find me in thrift stores when I am taking a break from editing.
* I love to travel and if you do too- can I talk you into a photosesh overseas?

*I'm a music-aholic - I actually got my start in photography by shooting my roomates band in bars, and from there shooting nation acts! 
*My non-photography related dream is to flip and old farm house one day and have all the animals. Right now I have two cats and a dog (Tyson, Meow, and Bella) so I'm half way there ;) 
* I wish I had more time to camp, hike, and kayak! That is my goal this summer to make time for those awesome things.
* I'm a family gal- love them all to death, and they are stuck with me forever.

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“I was so lucky to have Brianna as my wedding photographer! I could not have been happier with my photos! She is so talented and amazing at what she does! I absolutely LOVE all my photos!!! If you are looking for a photographer, she is the BEST!” - Lauren Mullikin

I could not have been happier..

“Brianna took our engagement photos, and I can't even put into words how amazingly she captured us as a couple. My fiance and I are both photographers, and know a lot of other photographers... and we are SOOO glad we chose her!!!” 
- Amanda Aucoin Lamb

she captured us as a couple

"As a fellow photographer, I know what to look for in a quality artisan, and Brianna has it. She has the sweetest, most laid back personality, but isn't afraid to take charge and help you create the most amazing shots. She has a vision and style that is beautifully unique and not something you will likely see from another local photographer. Worth every single cent, and then some. Thank you, Bri!" -Julie Ratkovich

beautifully unique